The interior has furnished furniture, ceiling to floor mirrors and all the necessities.

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The room has a contemporary style. There is flat-screen TV, desk, standard WiFi, and telephone.

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Twin Share

It is a large room with two single beds. The bathroom has all the required toiletries.

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There are a separate sitting and dining space which gives extra space for eating and relaxing.

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It is the main reason why you should bring your family to Alford

If you want to have a glimpse of the lifestyle from yesteryear, then you should visit Alford. It is a beautiful town and has now become a center for arts and crafts. The main reason to visit this place is to experience an old colorful culture in a lovely English village.

You will see various festivals in this small town all round the year. The August Bank Holiday Festival, the Whitsun Show, the Jazz Festival and Christmas markets are some of the major events you can expect in Alford. During these festivals, musicians, craftsmen and artists gather here from all over the country to demonstrate their talents. Craft markets are open every week during the summer months. These craft markets only sell handmade products. The Five Sailed Windmill is something you must see if you visit Alford. It is six stories high, and it is used to grind flour.When you visit this place, you can have a cup of tea in the tearoom and visit the antique shop.

Alford Manor House is a famous landmark and is a must see when you come to Alford. It is the largest Manor House of the country. It is popular for its unique architecture. Alford is a great place for cycling and rambling. You will find some bridle paths, tea shops, inns, and other things to relax your mind. Most visitors roam around Alford on foot. There are good pubs and hotels in Alford, and you will love the fresh fish and seafood dishes, along with the wine and beer. There are lots of antique shops, and you will find plenty of things to take away home.

Just beside Alford, there is a beautiful village called ‘Claythorpe.’ Here you will find an 18th-century Watermill and Wildfowl Gardens. These gardens are home to geese, ducks and others. You will find exotic species like red-legged partridge and storks. Alford has plenty to offer for its visitors. So, come to Alford and have an experience of a lifetime.


Five things you didn’t know about Alford

Alford is a pleasant market town in the Lincolnshire countryside. People settled here in about 650 AD. Here are some interesting things about Alford that you may not know.

  • The name ‘Alford’ is derived from the word ‘Eauford’ which means the ford across the stream. The name ‘Alforde’ is written in Domesday Book. For a long time, people used the name ‘Auford’, and you can find it in the old charters.
  • The Alford stream has a particular significance. The Alford ‘eau’ or stream was turned into a catchwater drain and became the Wold Grift Drain.
  • Alford is a home to some of the noted past noted citizens. Captain James Smith, a great explorer, was educated in Alford. He was one of the founders of Jamestown in Virginia, USA. Another famous person was Thomas Paine, who played a significant role in the foundation of the United States of America. He worked in Alford as an excise officer.
  • Alford’s August Bank Holiday craft market is very famous. There is a committee of craftsmen who runs this market and makes sure that all the exhibitors meet high-quality standards.
  • The Manor House, built in 1611, is the biggest thatched Manor House in the UK. It has an impressive architecture. It is a composite structure featuring a wooden frame with plaster that is internally visible. It went through a major reconstruction and is now open to visitors. It now serves as an important part of the Alford community.

Though Alford is a small town, there are lots of things to see and enjoy. You should plan a visit to this beautiful place.

Three reasons why our hotel is ideal for families

One of the main reasons why our hotel is so popular in Alford is because it is the best hotel in this region for families. If you have come here with your family, then we can take care of your family requirements. Here are the reasons why our hotel is ideal for families.



It is a major factor when it comes to visiting with family. You have access to shopping, restaurants, local attractions, etc. within a few minutes’ drive. When you travel with kids, you have to be always prepared for various situations; for example, your child may want to eat a sandwich so you have to rush to a superstore to get one. You can also find public transportation very easy from our hotel. The hotel is in a busy place, so it is safe. To learn more about Alford, click here for more information about places to see when you arrive.



We have lots of activities that will keep your child occupied both mentally and physically. We offer free arts and crafts sessions, magic shows, etc. We have a large playground where the kids can run and play.

Swimming pools and water parks


Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, swimming pools are good entertainment for families. There is a water park with multi-level slides and play areas.



The hotel premise and its surroundings are extremely safe for children. We provide the best GPS tracker for kids so that they can walk around with their parents without worrying about getting lost. The parents can also spend a tension free time at our hotel.



We provide some delicious kids meals in our hotel. You can get these meals during the free buffet breakfast or in our restaurant anytime.

These lovely features make this hotel ideal for families. Next time you come to Alford with your family, makes sure you book a room at our hotel.